Let me introduce, what is Ngoliday?

Ngoliday is a new community in the blogging community. I as the originator of this community aims to gather people with similar hobbies and preferences.

Actually it doesn’t have to be the same. enough with one platform, and post all the interesting things in terms of humor, funny political news, funny celebrity gossip, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or all the other sh*t posts. But still make sure that what you post is original.

If you like writing, you may write here. my vision by creating a joint blog is to provide a place for sharing for internet users freely and collected in one blog platform: Ngoliday.

What are the benefits?

If Ngoliday can reach all internet users, it will make it easier for users to share and reach readers or visitors. If you are a YouTuber, Instagram or other social media, you will easily reach other Ngoliday users, so they want to log in to your social media accounts. You will get more views, more followers, more money.

So let’s build this new community, so we can develop better and can give awards to those of you who want to join. Yes, without you, who would we award?


  1. Charlot Ware Grondin August 10, 2020
    • Aditya Andriansyah Permanajati September 20, 2020

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